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Choose your own path!

Whether you like to work in an office environment or you would like to work from home, Savenio is looking for individuals who have any existing or wanting to establish high-end client base.

Our Company History

We began in 1988 as a boutique travel agency called Travel Concepts. From the beginning, we wanted to focus on the discerning traveller. We proudly set ourselves apart from the run-of-the-mill travel agency, and specialised in designing personal and highly customised travel experiences for our clients. Our reputation quickly grew and we became known as one of the leading boutique travel agencies in Australia.

We were thrilled when Virtuoso invited our company to become their only member agency based in Queensland. This membership completely aligned with our vision to provide a world-class personalised travel service to our clients. We have been awarded top producing agency in Australia for Virtuoso and also with the world’s ultra-luxury cruise brands – Seabourn and Silversea.

Why the new branding?

As a result of our consistent efforts to offer extraordinary service to our clients, our business has grown significantly in past years. Late in 2013 we decided that the time was therefore right to carefully think about who we are, what we do and how we do that differently to our competitors and then, how to communicate that with clarity to our clients.

Rebranding is much more that a new logo and a new look. The rebrand of our business has been a detailed process to reposition our brand in the marketplace and to reflect the value we offer our clients the expertise of our team of consultants and the level of service we offer.

Create your own vision, set your own goals & make your own decisions!

Our aim is to increase our home-based/individual-contractor network but this process will be selective. We are looking for individuals to be:

  • premium providers – every service we provide is to the highest standards
  • virtual tour guides – plan each journey with such precision that customers feel the comfort of our knowledge every step of the way
  • be service masters – personalised client experience from the moment you meet to after the journey is complete
  • be globally connected experts – work with the best and most knowledgeable operators to complement our own expertise

With our dedicated focus over the past 25 years on the high end traveller and with our exclusive Virtuoso & Cruiseco memberships we offer unmatched advantages to home-based/individual-contractor that have affluent leisure clients and want to optimize their luxury travel business and revenue.

Benefits include:

  • Competitive Product Advantages – Specialty Suppliers, Hotel & Resorts, Exclusive Cruise Club, Local Ground Operators based worldwide, Exclusive Air Deals.
  • Personalised Marketing – Award-winning travel magazine, compendium of preferred hotels, e-marketing and individual advisor website.
  • Resources- Training in sales and products, networking opportunities, fare and ticketing

For more information about how you can operate as an independent contractor or become part of our office team, please contact us: