Discover A Unique Cruising Experience

Virtuoso Voyages Makes Your Cruise One You’ll Never Forget

Virtuoso Voyages offers exclusive, free amenities and experiences that other travellers can only dream about. Your Premium Cruise Holidays Virtuoso Advisor can help you find one of the hundreds of sailings each year that offer Virtuoso Voyages benefits. When you sail with us, you get:

  • A dedicated onboard host who will be available throughout your sailing.
  • A private welcome-aboard cocktail reception where your host will introduce you to fellow Virtuoso Voyages travellers, helping to make connections and build friendships.
  • The camaraderie of fellow cruisers, which enhances every experience, from delicious meals to unparalleled shore experiences.
  • An exclusive shore excursion, such as VIP access to a venue, performance, or experience not available to the general public, or a full-day event that immerses you in local culture. Your Virtuoso Advisor can also arrange an alternative experience, like a special gift or shipboard credit on select dates.
  • Access to our car and driver program on select Virtuoso Voyages sailings for more flexibility. Use your private car and driver to explore a different destination at your own pace.

In addition to Virtuoso Voyages, Premium Cruise Holidays accept all major credit cards (American Express Centurion & Platinum, Diners, Visa & Mastercard) with no merchant fees.

  • Exclusive invitations to ship inspections in Australia
  • Quality Brochure Newsletters Virtuoso Life via email or hard copy
  • Email alerts for great savings and exclusive deals

Premium Cruise Holidays offer a 24 hour continuous service & support to make your holiday hassle-free.

We give expert knowledge and advice with first hand experience.

Enjoy all of our membership benefits at absolutely no cost to you. It’s is our way of saying: “Thank you for booking with us”.

This is the Premium Cruise Holidays Experience.

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